Sunday, April 1, 2007

#1: It Begins!

So this is it! The early stages of "Naked Soup" are falling into place. For those of you that don't know, Naked Soup is this nifty little TV show that I'm writing that with any luck will become the best thing to happen to this country since we stole this land from other people. :)

What can I start by telling you? I guess I'll go with the cast, since I fear posting any of the episodes will result in their theft. So here are the first 15 people who you'll be so delightfully acquainted wth during this process!

Character Name - Actor

Mikel - Kyle-Steven Porter
Dora - Molly Miller
Tempest - Shaniqua Y. Jeffries
River - Michael A. Soto
Wanda - Marcela M. Silva
Antonio - Nelson Felix
Julia - Kelly Lati
Jak - Pablo Lopez
Pagan - Dana Sarcona
Margarita - Delilah Rivera
Brooke - Kathleen Edery
Lake - Holland Hamilton
Carmen - Becca Bowe
Ben - Jeremy Cintron
Nick - Jordany Cepin

Yay! That's everyone...for now. The only role that's still not definitely cast is Kirby, but he will be soon. Anyway, expect pictures of my gorgeous cast members to follow, as well as updates on where we are in the process. 'Til next time kids!